“Your facade therapist” is the perfect way to dress your home. Give your home the character it deserves!

You want to insulate and finish your façade with a fresh look ?
Wise decision, because isolation is a good investment.

The most efficient way to insulate these walls is from the outside.
Of course, exterior wall insulation also offers a great opportunity to give the façades a new look .

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Decorative plaster

One of the easiest ways to completely insulate your home is to cover it with insulation and crepi.

It is light in weight, quick to install and makes your home look like new again.
Meeting the latest insulation standards creates added value.

Crepi with insulation is a multifunctional façade cladding with many advantages such as saving space inside the house when renovating.
It provides protection against moisture and frost or freezing of joints.

You will earn the price of facade renovation back twice over time.
The energy bill will drop drastically and the E-level will improve.

Our systems are vapour permeablescratch free and watertight.

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Stone strips

Stone strips on a façade are an excellent form of claddingfor both façade renovations and new buildings.

They can be placed both indoors and outdoors and are indistinguishable from traditional brickwork.

Stone strips are slices of +/- 2cm, made of sawn brick.

Advantages include the saving of space, quick installation and the authentic character.
Strips can be combined with insulation boards and offer a wide choice.

Carro-Bel Group offers brickartificial stone, natural stone and ceramic strips.

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