A wide range of underfloor heating systems, tailored to various building techniques and situations.

Using screed with underfloor heating is a very popular application today! It is the preferred heating for your daily comfort.
Carro-Bel Group is always up-to-date with the latest techniques, and adapts its screeds accordingly.

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Tacker system

This system is simple to install and used on floor insulation of moulded PUR, all types of insulating boards or insulating filler layers such as Iso-Bel (EPS).

The Carro-Tube is fixed onto the insulation (on top of PE foil) with a tacker tool and tacker clips.

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Netting system

This system is used in floor constructions with acoustic floor insulation (insulating layer), so this intermediate layer cannot be drilled through.

The netting system also allows higher loads for industrial applications.

The Carro-Tube is fixed onto the netting (on top of the PE foil).

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Studded board system

This profiled system is ideal on flat uninsulated (or insulated) surfaces for providing (additional) insulation under the studded board.

This board ensures a simple and equal laying distance between the tubes.

The Carro-Tube is fitted between the pre-shaped rows without additional damp screen.

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Spider system

The supporting structure of the spider system is made of reinforced polypropylene and is used for screeds with limited installation height for new construction and renovation.

Due to the 3-dimensional structure , the pipes are clipped.
The studs are equipped with four hooks so that the pipes can be laid without using additional clips.

Our screeds are specially designed with only 20 to 25 mm coverage for 40 mm built-up thickness including underfloor heating.

Curious? Our experts will be glad to help you.

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Bekotec is a polystyrene screed stud plate that is laid directly on the load-bearing surface.

Based on the geometry of the studded plate, we obtain a minimum layer thickness of the screed of 32 mm (8 mm above the studs).

A decoupling mat DITRA 25 is glued on top of the screed.
Ceramic tiles or natural stone can be placed directly on top of this using the thin-bed method.

Wooden floors or fixed carpet are laid directly on the screed as soon as the permitted residual moisture is reached.

Curious? Our experts are happy to assist you.

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Fronterra Base Flat 12 is a thin bed screed system for renovation with a low construction height.

The super flexible PB tube 12 mm and the special powder additive result in new opportunities.

Based on the geometry of the stud plate, we obtain a minimum layer thickness of the screed of 35 mm (15 mm above the studs) for the Smart system.

Fonterra Smart Control is a revolution in temperature control and can be operated via smartphone, tablet and computer.

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Floor structure

Our experts will be happy to inform you about the ideal floor structure.

That is why we closely follow the new trends of the BBRI and actively participate in revisions of the technical notes.

As an active member of NBN (CEN, ISO), we have direct access to the knowledge leading to a standard, and its evolutions.

Cooperation with recognised inspection and testing bodies (SECO, BCCA, EOTA, BELAC) guarantees a permanent quality.

For an optimisation between insulationacoustics and stability you have come to the right place!

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