For new construction and renovation, we provide insulating infill layers with EPS beads for interior applications and pitched roofs.

Insulating infill layers are part of the 3 most important insulation points inside your home.
Floor insulation, cavity wall insulation and roof insulation together form your total package.

With our innovative floor insulation, cold feet are a thing of the past.

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Discover all about our insulating infill layers

Iso-Bel ®

EPS Carro-Bel is an essential element of the insulating floor range.
These are pure controlled polystyrene foam granules,

which are coated with an admixture that improves the thermal and acoustic properties.

This light mortar is easier to use because it can be pumped over long distances and to great heights.

Due to its airy structure , it can be easily and quickly used to absorb level differences. This mortar can be applied on all types of substrates .

The expansion of this homogeneous mass is virtually nil.

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Cemmix ®

Foam concrete and foam cement are 2 names for the same product, although they are different from each other.
Carro-Bel Group only uses foam cement.

It is important to know that foam cement has a higher insulation value . Foam concrete is made with sand, cement, water and air bubbles.

Foam cement contains no sand, but 30% more cement, water and 20% more air bubbles.

Foam cement is a liquid mixture of cement with air bubble former. A foam generator converts water/air bubbles into foam concentrate. The trapped air then provides the acoustic and thermal insulation.

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Floor structure

Our experts will be happy to inform you about the ideal floor structure.

That is why we closely follow the new trends of the BBRI and actively participate in revisions of the technical notes.

As an active member of NBN (CEN, ISO), we have direct access to the knowledge leading to a standard, and its evolutions.

Cooperation with recognised inspection and testing bodies (SECO, BCCA, EOTA, BELAC) guarantees a permanent quality.

For an optimisation between insulationacoustics and stability you have come to the right place!

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