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We are happy to share our passion for polished concrete, imprintedconcrete, brushedand ribbed concrete,

Micro concrete and terrazzo also feature in our masterpieces.

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Polished concrete

A concrete floor can be constructed in different ways. Which type of concrete floor is most suitable for your project depends on the free construction height, purpose of the floor and desired finish.

A polished concrete floor or poly concrete provides a user-friendly finish with an industrial look.

This solid poured concrete slab usually has a minimum thickness of 8 to 10 cm.
In case of underfloor heating, a minimum thickness of 10 to 12 cm is recommended.

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Imprinted concrete

Imprinted concrete is constructed in the same way as polished concrete floors, but the top layer is finished using a different technique. This creates an imitation look of natural stone, wood, cobblestones or clinkers.

This type of concrete floor is cheaper than the materials it imitates and also much easier to maintain as there are no joints. Printed concrete is mainly used outdoors for larger surfaces.

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Brushed concrete

A brushed concrete floor is a continuous floor of usually 15 to 20 cm, depending on the loads and foundations.

The concrete is placed on a stabilised foundation and serves mainly as an 'antiskid' subsoil.

Brushed concrete is a concrete with a rough look and especially interesting for outdoor applications
because there are few or no joints and it is resistant to frost and thawing.

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Ribbed concrete

A ribbed concrete floor is a continuous floor of usually 15 to 20 cm, depending on the loads and foundations.
The concrete is placed on a stabilized foundation and mainly serves as an 'anti-slip' surface
and can be used straight as well as in a herringbone pattern at an inclined parking entrance.
Ribbed concrete is a concrete with a rough look and especially interesting for outdoor applications because there are hardly any joints and it is resistant to frost and thaw.

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A Terrazzo consists of marble grains pressed into coloured cement or clay and then polished.

The creative freedom is greater than marble floors.
It is the most durable and expensive floor on the market.

Installing a seamless terrazzo floor requires care and attention.
That is why we use the most modern techniques and work with respect for the material at every stage.

Your result? A seamless terrazzo floor that makes your heart beat faster.

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