Carro-Bel Group has more than 250 ‘screeders’, each one of them individually trained to meet the strictest requirements.

A smooth and even screed  is required on any surface to make the floor covering stable and level when installed. Although this part of the finishing is not a visible, it is of essential importance!

It is applied by fully automatic trucks, by means of apumping system, which guarantees a homogeneous result.

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Reinforced screed

Carro-Bel Group offers hardeners, i.e. liquid or pasty admixtures, which are added to cement screeds. Adding these agents increases the mechanical properties and minimises shrinkage.

Classic screeds have a compressive strength of 8 N/mm².
The minimum screed layer is 5 cm above the pipes.

Reinforced screeds can reach compressive strengths of up to 50 N/mm².
The minimum screed layer is reduced to 3 cm above the pipes.

Duremit 50 increases the compressive strength and decreases the water-cement factor.
Duremit Fibre compound / Mapescreed replaces the steel matting.
Duremit Fibre Compound Hydro for humid rooms via hydrophobization.

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Fast drying screed

Carro-Bel Group offers accelerators, i.e. liquid admixtures, which are added to the mixture for cement screeds.
These accelerators increase the mechanical properties of the screed and drastically reduce the drying time .

Traditional screeds dry, on average, for 1 to 2 months (+/-1 cm/week). 
However, we give mother nature a helping hand.

Accelerator 10 HD is walkable after 36 hours and can receive floor coverings after 14 - 16 days.
Accelerator 15 HD is walkable after 36 hours and can receive floor coverings after 8 - 10 days.
Accelerator 20 HD is walkable after 24 hours and can receive floor coverings after 4 - 5 days.

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Screed with underfloor heating

Using screed with underfloor heating is a very popular application today! It is the preferred heating for your daily comfort and also saves quite a lot of space.

For underfloor heating, bonding agent is always added to remove air bubbles and improve the thermal conductivity of the screed.

The floor structure and type together determine the thickness required to install a high-quality screed. We make a distinction between a 
wet system, a dry system and electric underfloor heating.

With the Carro-Tube Carro-Bel Group offers the complete tacker system,
netting system and studded board system including collectors, heat calculations and installation diagrams.

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Liquid Screed


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Floor structure

Our experts will be happy to inform you about the ideal floor structure.

That is why we closely follow the new trends of the BBRI and actively participate in revisions of the technical notes.

As an active member of NBN (CEN, ISO), we have direct access to the knowledge leading to a standard, and its evolutions.

Cooperation with recognised inspection and testing bodies (SECO, BCCA, EOTA, BELAC) guarantees a permanent quality.

For an optimisation between insulationacoustics and stability you have come to the right place!

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