‘Seamless sprayed PUR’ will kill two birds with one stone!  Your floor will be perfectly insulated and your pipes will be concealed in this infill layer.

Thanks to our long experience, we have a solid know-how, while our firm can guarantee sustainable quality at highly competitive prices.

Obtaining the new ATG certificate proves that we deliver superior workmanship while respecting all safety standards.

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Sprayed PUR

Sprayed PUR or polyurethane foam is formed by mixing two components when the PUR is sprayed: isocyanate and polyol.

PUR foam is the best insulating application on the market as it has the highest insulation value and insulates perfectly, without thermal bridges.


  • Huge savings on the energy bill
  • High insulation value 
  • No waiting times for other work
  • Increase the efficiency of your underfloor heating
  • Granting of premiums by the government

PUR insulation can be applied to any dust-free hard surface.

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Floor insulation

How do we insulate your floor?

Before spraying, the area must be completely wind and watertight .

We also ensure that the substrate is dry and dust-free to guarantee good adhesion of the product.

Windows and walls are carefully covered with foil so that the mist cannot adhere to these surfaces.

Pipes always remain visible in the hardened foam but can be capped (e.g. in case of underfloor heating).

Capping is done with a sander in order to obtain a surface that is as smooth as possible.

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Attic floor insulation

Insulating your attic floor is preferred to roof insulation.

If your attic is not insulated with polyurethane foam, this can result in a huge loss of energy.
Stop letting your money escape through the roof and go for 
PUR attic insulation.

When insulating your attic floor the heat is retained on the floor below the attic.

The great advantage of PUR insulation is that it is sprayed without seams , making thermal bridges non-existent.
The speed with which the product can be applied also makes attic floor insulation the right choice.

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Basement insulation

Basements often bring a chill to the project floor.

With sprayed PUR against the ceiling of your basement, the flow of cold is stopped.

Thermal bridges are also avoided by opting for seamless, sprayed PUR insulation.

Insulating your basement ceiling will also significantly reduceyour energy bill.

In crawl spaces , sprayed PUR is the best possible solution for insulation.

Both the basement floor and the ceiling of the basement can be insulated with PUR foam.

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Insulation boards

Carro-Bel Group provides a wide range of thermal, acoustic and fire resistant floor slabs.

PUR boards are one of the most efficient boards on the market, moisture-resistant with protective aluminium foil.

PIR boards have a slightly higher insulation value and greater fire safety.

EPS sheets consist of expanded polystyrene and XPS sheets consist of extruded polystyrene.

Rock wool comes from a volcanic rock and glass wool from recycled glass fragments.

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Floor structure

Our experts will be happy to inform you about the ideal floor structure.

That is why we closely follow the new trends of the BBRI and actively participate in revisions of the technical notes.

As an active member of NBN (CEN, ISO), we have direct access to the knowledge leading to a standard, and its evolutions.

Cooperation with recognised inspection and testing bodies (SECO, BCCA, EOTA, BELAC) guarantees a permanent quality.

For an optimisation between insulationacoustics and stability you have come to the right place!

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