Carro-Floor is one of the departments of the Carro-Bel Group and is an experience expert in the installation of industrial floors based on cement. But why choose concrete?

Choosing concrete means opting for durability and user-friendliness. Concrete is modern and has a natural character. Weeds and subsidence are a thing of the past.

Carro-Floor is a specialist when it comes to the following types of concrete:

Polished concrete: A polished concrete floor or poly concrete provides a user-friendly finish with an industrial look.

Imprinted concrete: Imprinted concrete is a concrete in which the look of bricks, cobblestones, natural stone or wood is printed in the top layer.

Brushed concrete: Brushed concrete is a concrete with a rough look and especially interesting for outdoor applications.

Ribbed concrete: Ribbed concrete as a finish can be either straight or in herringbone motif and is often used at an inclined car park entrance.

Terrazzo: A Terrazzo consists of marble grains pressed into coloured cement or clay and then polished. Creative freedom is greater than for marble floors. The most durable and expensive floor on the market.

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