Crepi-Bel is one of the departments of Carro-Bel Group and is an experience expert in façade cladding. But why choose a façade cladding?  

One of the easiest ways to insulate your home is to cover it with insulation and crepi. It is light in weight, quick to install and makes your home look like new. In addition, it meets the latest insulation standards, giving your home added value. 

Crepi-Bel specializes in: 

Decorative plaster: Decorative plasters are plasters that provide an ideal finishing touch to the insulated façade. They are not only trendy, but also provide the necessary protection. Contemporary architecture with decorative plasters can give a contemporary and modern look to your home. 

Stone strips: Our stone strips give the natural effect of a traditionally masonry façade. 

Repairing and painting polluted façades: In the meantime, your façade therapist has also further specialised in the renovation of old existing cement and/or synthetic resin bound decorative plaster. For this we make use of demossing products and dirt removers, after that we apply a coating to achieve a result in which we maintain a beautiful façade for years with a minimum of maintenance. 

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