It is our pleasure to introduce our Carro-Tube® to you. It is a 5-layer PE-RT underfloor heating pipe. Together with our underfloor heating experts, we will help you determine which system is most suitable for you. 

Our Carro-Tube® can be installed with the following systems: 

Tacker system: This system is simple to install and used on floor insulation of moulded PUR, all types of insulating boards or insulating filler layers such as Iso-Bel (EPS). The Carro-Tube is fixed onto the insulation with a tacker tool and tacker clips. 

Netting system: This system is used in floor constructions with acoustic floor insulation, so this intermediate layer cannot be drilled through. The netting system also allows higher loads for industrial applications. The Carro-Tube® is fixed onto the netting. 

Studded board system: This profiled system is ideal on flat uninsulated (or insulated) surfaces for providing (additional) insulation under the studded board. This board ensures a simple and equal laying distance between the tubes. The Carro-Tube® is fitted between the pre-shaped rows without additional damp screen. 

For more details you can download our technical sheet.