Carro-Bel contributes to the renovation of cultural heritage

St Bavo's Cathedral has been the symbol of Ghent's city centre for centuries and has also been officially protected as a monument since 1936. Carro-Bel had the honour to do the screed work here. 

Artes Depret & Artes Woudenberg were given the responsibility to renovate the centuries-old chancel, crypt, chapter house and the priest's rooms. The current priest's rooms are being converted into a visitors' centre where the restored Lamb of God will be given its new place. 

The end of the total works is planned for the beginning of the summer.  

The works in figures: 

Iso-Bel® filling: 75m³
Work floor in concrete: 6cm
Pre-screed 7cm: 960m²
Foam glass 18cm: 960m²
Screed 11cm: 960m²
Tiles: 960m²